Adult Bible Study

New Bible Study on Matthew 

 Our topic is the Gospel of Matthew.  This account of the life, message, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was written by a despised Jewish tax collector named Matthew.  Although Matthew witnessed the same events the other apostles did he tells his account from a very different perspective which focuses on how God fulfilled His Old Testament promises, how Jesus will return as a mighty judge on the Last Day to bring salvation to His people, and the mission Jesus gave to his Church to make disciples of all nations.  Come and join the discussion and grow as a follower of Jesus Christ.

 All you need to bring is your Bible and your heart.  No worksheets or answers required.  Sundays at 9:15 or Mondays at 7.  You can join us in person in the Fellowship Hall or on Zoom.  Here is the Zoom link.

I hope you’ll join us to see God transforming our hearts and minds!

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