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Marriage and Family

The Bible begins with a marriage and ends with a marriage feast.  Two books of the Bible - Song of Solomon and Ruth - deal extensively with the relationship of husband and wife.  In the Old Testament, God is the divine Husband of His bride, Israel.  In the New Testament, Christ is the divine Husband of His bride, the new Israel, the Church.  The Fourth, Sixth, and Tenth Commandments deal with the relationships created and nurtured by marriage and the family.

While the Bible affirms the value of persons whom God has specially called to a single life, it presumes and is permeated with stories about and instructions for man, woman, and child.  It describes the joys and heartaches of husband and wife and the pleasures and the pains of bearing and raising children.  The central theme of the Scriptures - a divine Father sends His Son into the world to be born of a virgin mother - is the truth to which every page of Scripture leads.

Yet Christians, at least in the West, seem blind to this biblical emphasis and mute to discussing marriage and the family on the basis of the biblical text.  For some, the authority of divine revelation recorded in the Bible and expressed in the created order has been replaced by modern psychology and sociology.  Meanwhile, in the public square, the traditional fare of marriage, family, and community has been traded for a mess of individualist pottage.

The Bible and the Lutheran Confessions have a great deal to say about marriage and the family.  Luther's insight that marriage is not a sacrament but rather a gift of the created order had profound, positive implications for married life in the Christian West.  If marriage and family could be viewed - as Luther viewed them - as God's gifts (and not merely personal rights subject to changing public opinion), society might see a renewed appreciation of marriage and the family.

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