Mission of the Month




Our Mission of the Month (MOM) for June -  The National Offering

Ever since the days of Genesis 11, the idea of “all people” has included different languages and dialects. Because the Scriptures were written in Greek and Hebrew, most of us have heard the Word thanks to the diligent work of translators and interpreters. God has blessed us with His Word in our native language. It’s easy to forget that God did not reveal Himself in English. Even Luther did not speak English. Yet our lives are thus enriched by all of the English materials and resources that we read each day, especially those that bring to us God’s Word.

As the church exists throughout the world, so the Gospel goes forth to all people in all languages. The purpose and goal of the LCMS National Offering is to produce meaningful Lutheran resources in other languages so that all may read, hear and speak the Good News of Christ crucified. Your gifts to the MOM during the month of June will be sent to the LCMS National Convention where the church will take up our National Offering to be used to produces those resources.