Mission of the Month - Supporting Our Missionaries in Peru

Deaconess Caitlin Ramirez serves the Lord through The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) as a missionary in Peru.  In this role, she works alongside local pastors and at Castillo Fuerte Mercy House.  She also serves as a professor and mentor for the formation of deaconesses around Latin America through the seminary in the Dominican Republic.  In the congregation in San Borja, Peru, she assists the pastor with English ministry outreach programs and evangelism.  At Castillo Fuertes, Caitlin is instrumental in providing Christ-centered direction to the mercy work and unifying the church and mercy house.

Caitlin's hometown is Watervliet, Michigan.  She received a bachelor's deegree in social work and sociology from Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant.  She also received a master's degree with a deaconess certification from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Caitlin has served as an LCMS missionary and the Dominican Republic since 2013.  She enjoys reading, baking and spending time with her family.

Jeancarlos was born in Lima, Peru, and is a member of La Mision Luterana del Peru.  He graduated from Seeminario Concordia El Reformador, the LCMS seminary in the Dominican Republic.  As a national pastor of La Mision Luterana del Peru, he serves the chuch in the La Victoria area of Lima.  He also serves as chaplain at the Castillo Fuerte Mercy House in La Victoria.  IN his free time, he enjoys going out with friends.  Jeancarlos and Caitlin have two childre:  Abraham and Eliana.

Pray for the Ramirez family as they serve in Peru.  Please pray for their transition and integration into the mission team and ministry in Lima, as well as for the new deaconess students and the continued work of the seminary.  Ask that the Lord would bless the people of Lima and guide mission efforts to point them always to Christ's love and sacrifice for them.  Let us give thanks for the Ramirez family's service to God's children in Peru.

If you would like to support them financially please put a check in the offering and note that it is for MOM - missionaries.