Men's Prayer Breakfast

We meet on the third Saturday of each month at 8 am.  Each of us take turns providing breakfast.  Some prefer to bring something from one of the local restaurants while others treat us with their culinary skills.  In addition to great food we enjoy fellowship, time in God's Word, a healthy debate and some time in prayer.  

Facial covering and social distancing is required.

We also enjoy serving our neighbors by helping with home improvement projects and other odds and ends.  Anyone is welcome to join us.

The material for our current Bible study comes from Lutheran Hour Ministries and is a part of their Men's Network.

This is a summary of the materials we're currently using for Bible Study.

Stuff They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School

Ever wondered if there was just a bit more to some of those lessons you learned in Sunday school? Well, we thought so too. Join Bruce Wurdeman as he takes you behind the scenes and uncovers "Stuff They Didn't Teach Me In Sunday School."

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